Amalie Kjældgaard Kristensen

Photo © Judith Selenko

Amalie Kjældgaard Kristensen was born in Denmark in 1993 and began her academic studies in 2012 at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with prof. Serguei Azizian. Since 2015 she has been living and studying in Vienna at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where she in 2020 graduated with distinction from her magister studies in the special solo profile with prof. Christian Altenburger. From 2018 she simultaneously did an advanced postgraduate soloist degree at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with prof. Peter Herresthal, where she also works as an assistant teacher. She debuted from this degree in December 2021 with a recital including, amongst other works, George Crumbs “Black Angel String Quartet” and Alban Berg’s violin concerto with orchestra.

Both as chamber musician and soloist Amalie Kjældgaard has distinguished herself on the European stage through numerous festivals, academies, masterclasses and competitions, which includes being a 2021 Léonie Sonning Talent Prize recipient. Amalie has always had a big interest in contemporary music, and she is both co-founder and member of the contemporary Viennese ensembe, ensemble N, besides already having had several pieces written for her.

A big passion for Amalie Kjældgaard is to work on development projects as a guest teacher, and has done several projects through EU and El Sistema Europe amongst others in Turkey, Austria, England, Myanmar, Norway, and Denmark. This interest has also turned her towards music management, and she has which is why she has worked for EUYO as orchestra manager in 2021 and 2022.

She has enjoyed working as a guest concertmaster in several orchestras, and besides being a former academist of Chamber Orchestra of Europe she has also worked with ensembles and orchestras such as Spira Mirabilis, European Union Youth Orchestra EUYO, ORF Radio symphony Orchestra Vienna, Tonkünstler Orchester Wien, Danish Chamber Orchestra, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Danish Orchestra, Grafenegg Academy Orchestra, Alba String Quartet, Phace Ensemble, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Athelas Sinfonietta, Danish Chamber Orchestra etc.

Amalie plays on a violin by Evasio Emilio Guerra from 1920, kindly provided by Prof. Heinz Medjimorec.